Working Principle of Transformer

Transformers are fundamental components in electrical systems, playing a crucial role in power distribution, voltage regulation, and electrical isolation. Understanding the working principle of transformer is essential for anyone studying or working with electrical systems. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of how transformers function in electrical applications. The Working Principle of … Read more

What is an Electrical Transformer?

Electrical Transformer

An electrical transformer is a static device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. It consists of two or more coils of insulated wire, known as windings, and a magnetic core that provides a path for the magnetic flux. The primary winding receives electrical energy from the input source, while … Read more

Snubber Circuit – Types, Working, and purpose

A Snubber circuit is an essential part of an electronic circuit that is used to protect sensitive electronic components from voltage spikes or transient faults. It is consisting a series combination of resistor and capacitor and which is always connected in parallel with the protected part of the circuit. Generally, Snubber Circuit is used in … Read more

Difference between Isolator and Circuit Breaker

The nature of the works of the Isolator and Circuit Breaker is the same, both are used to isolate the circuit from the connected supply. The operating characteristics of both the equipment are different and based on the requirement they are used in a different locations in electrical switchgear. What is Isolator? The isolator is … Read more

DC earth fault locator –Working Principle

DC earth fault locator is an instrument that is used to detect earth fault in a live DC system. DC system is used for the running of protection systems in substations, generating stations, communication & networking equipment, and other electronic devices. Due to cable insulation failure or wrong wire connection, the DC terminal can be … Read more