What is ppm kit for online transformer moisture measurement?

A PPM kit for online transformer moisture measurement is a portable device used to measure the amount of water vapor dissolved in transformer oil. This measurement is crucial for maintaining the health and efficiency of transformers, as excessive moisture can lead to insulation breakdown, corrosion, and ultimately, transformer failure. Components: Working Principle: Benefits of Online … Read more

What is pirani gauge? working principle

The Pirani gauge is a widely used instrument for measuring vacuum pressure in the range of 10^-4 to 1000 Pa. It operates based on the principle of thermal conductivity, where the heat transfer rate from a heated filament to the surrounding gas depends on the gas pressure. Working Principle: Advantages of the Pirani Gauge: Disadvantages … Read more

Phase Sequence Meter- Working Principle, Types & Use

A phase sequence meter is an electrical measuring instrument used to determine the order or sequence in which three-phase voltages occur. In three-phase electrical systems, the phase sequence is crucial for ensuring the proper operation of electrical equipment and preventing damage. Working Principle Phase sequence meters typically employ one of two main principles: Types of … Read more

Oil filtration process in transformers

Transformers play a crucial role in our electrical infrastructure, stepping down high-voltage electricity to a safe level for homes and businesses. However, like any piece of equipment, transformers require regular maintenance to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. One essential aspect of transformer maintenance is oil filtration. Role of Transformer Oil Transformer oil serves two … Read more

How to check phase sequence in 3 phase supply?

Checking the phase sequence in a 3-phase supply is essential to ensure that electrical equipment is connected correctly and functioning properly. Here’s a simplified explanation of how to check the phase sequence using a phase sequence indicator: Imagine a Ferris wheel with three gondolas. To check the phase sequence using a phase sequence indicator: Remember: … Read more

Power Factor, Active and Reactive Power Difference

In Electricity, power factor, active power, and reactive power are often used interchangeably and it is leading to confusion and misconceptions. While they are all related to the flow of electricity, they have distinct meanings and implications. Understanding the differences between these concepts is crucial for optimizing electrical systems and reducing energy consumption. Definition of … Read more

Electricity and Light: Similarities and Differences

Electricity and light are two fundamental aspects of our daily lives, but have you ever wondered how they are related and how they differ from each other? There are some similarities and some differences between electricity and light. Similarities between Electricity and Light: Differences between Electricity and Light: Electricity and light share similarities as forms … Read more