VRLA Battery, Working, Types, Maintenance, Application

The Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery is a type of rechargeable lead-acid battery. It is a fully maintenance-free and complete sealed battery. They are also commonly known as Sealed Battery(SLA). Injection of water or electrolyte not required for this type of battery. Nowadays the VRLA batteries are common uses in various power backup systems and … Read more

RTCC Panel in Transformer and Working Principle

RTCC stands for Remote Tap Changer Control. It is used to control the transformer output voltage by controlling the OLTC unit of the transformer. As we know the OLTC (On Load Tap Changer) is responsible to change the transformer output voltage. OLTC controls the winding tap position of the Transformer and it resulted in the … Read more

Auto Recloser Relay – Function, Block & Lockout mode

Auto recloser function is used for transmission line protection system to avoid tripping during transient fault of the line. The function is available in the distance protection relay however separate auto recloser relay is also available for using the function. Auto Recloser Relay Function: We know that the distance protection relay is used to protect … Read more