Why does Grading Capacitor use in Circuit Breaker?

Grading capacitor is commonly used in High Voltage Circuit Breaker for uniform voltage distribution across the Breaker contacts at CB open position. In a multi-break Circuit Breaker, Grading capacitors are connected in parallel with every break of the CB. Reasons for using Grading Capacitors in Circuit Breakers. When the capacitors are connected across the breaks … Read more

Backup impedance protection in Generator, Transformer & Reactor

backup impedance protection

In addition to the general protection, backup impedance protection or distance protection is also used in Generator, Transformer & Reactor to protect during external faults in the power system. Generally, impedance protection is most commonly used for the protection of transmission lines. When the Impedance value goes below the set value during the fault or … Read more

Difference between Earthing and Grounding | Earthing vs Grounding

The main difference between earthing and grounding is that – Under Earthing, the circuit is physically connected to the ground to flow circulating current or fault current of the circuit to the protection of the system, Under Grounding, the circuit is physically connected to the ground to discharge the electrical energy to earth for protecting … Read more

What is Floating Neutral? Effects and How to Test and Fix it?

floating neutral

Floating neutral is a condition, in which the neutral wire of any circuit is disconnected from the ground. In AC system, the neutral wire is permanently grounded to the earth. However, floating neutral may occur in a power system due to loose connection, braking of neutral flat, wrong circuit connection, or due to short circuit. … Read more

Causes of over voltage in Power System

When the voltage goes higher than the rated voltage is called Over Voltage. It is a very common issue in Power systems. System voltage is to be maintained as per the designed voltage for the stability of the power system. All the equipment and insulators used in substations and transmission lines are designed for a … Read more

What is Restriking Voltage? Effects and Methods of Arc Extinction

After opening the Circuit Breaker under load or fault condition, a transit voltage appears across the breaker contacts which is called Restriking Voltage. Frequency of Restriking voltage goes in kH. During arcing period, transient voltage appears across the contacts at or near current zero. If dielectric medium between the CB contacts is greater than the … Read more

What is corona effect? Advantage and Disadvantage of Corona

The Corona Effect is the phenomenon of electric discharge in high voltage transmission lines and substations. Hissing noise and violet glow were observed under the corona effect. Power loss, damage to high voltage electrical components, and noise are observed due to corona discharge in the Transmission line. Why does corona effect in transmission line? Due … Read more