What is DC or Direct Current?

DC or Direct Current is electrical current which flows always in one direction. As we know, when electron flows from one place to another place, it is called electric current. Under Direct current, electron flows in one direction. Electron flows from the negative voltage terminal to positive voltage terminal and due to this DC flows from Positive to Negative terminal.

DC supply can easily generate and storing of DC supply also easy as compared to Alternating Current (AC). The idle source of DC supply is battery which is widely used in Electronics and Electrical instrument. In ideal condition, constant DC voltage and current is available in DC system. Further DC can control very easily by applying the resistor in Series and Parallel condition with the circuit.

DC or direct current
DC or direct current

Source of DC or Direct Current

Following DC or Direct current source are commonly used.

  1. Battery
  2. DC Generators
  3. Solar System
  4. Thermocouples
  5. Rectifiers

Uses of DC Current

DC widely used in Electronics devices. Now days, battery is commonly used in every device as source of power supply to run the device. Followings are the common used of DC supply.

  1. Charging of Battery
  2. Running of Computer, laptop, mobile and other electronics applications.
  3. Starting of engine including vehicle, Train and other automotive
  4. Backup power supply of any device
  5. Control supply for any instrument
  6. Transmission of Power for longer distance (HVDC substation)

Advantages of DC or Direct Current

There are so many advantages of DC. Following are the common advantage of DC or Direct Current.

  1. DC can easily stored for longer duration like Battery or cells
  2. Wide application in home and industrial
  3. Power quality & efficiency  is very good as there is no power factor issue in DC system
  4. Due to low source impedance, high current can be generated from a small source of DC.
  5. Very high energy efficient

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